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What is a Mobile Phone Signal Booster?

Mobile signal strength

Any mobile user in United Kingdom faces the problem of the inability to use cellular communication in some areas or even in the open countryside. Often this is due to the location of the terrain or the construction materials used for the building. Some materials can create barriers against radio waves.

In such places mobile telephony is difficult or not available at all. It is especially difficult if this place is a working office, vacation home or a residential apartment. After all the subscriber will not be able to contact his family or friends, the conversation will be periodically interrupted. This can be a reason for commercial organizations to lose potential customers, and ordinary residents will have shattered nerves.

Apparently nothing can be done. Operator cannot put a tower for cellular communications to every home or office but it is not so. A reasonable solution for this is to install a local booster to amplify the mobile signal.

Mobile phone signal booster is quite affordable for most users because the equipment and the subsequent installation will not be more expensive than the installation of a conventional air conditioner, for example. In addition, the device will work for years. Who knows, may be one favorable call can recoup all the costs. Cellular signal amplifier is used to eliminate dead cellular coverage areas, which are both indoors and in the courtyard, open areas, offices or underground tunnels, where there is an unstable signal. It usually happens in holiday villages or small towns.

This practical and completely safe device will be a real salvation for those who are constantly suffering under conditions of weak mobile signal. For people living in remote areas it is indispensable in everyday life. Through mobile phone booster you can forget about the small inconveniences in communication.

How Mobile Signal Boosters Work?

How mobile signal booster works

Mobile phone signal booster consists of two amplifiers operating at higher frequencies. One of them serves to enhance cellular telephone signal and converts it through an antenna toward base station of operator.
Contrariwise another enhances operator base station signal and transmits it to the subscriber’s mobile phone. The most positive factor is the use of a booster significant reduction of radio waves from a mobile phone. Thus the degree of damage for human health is minimized. When it is operating through the booster the average power radiated by mobile phone decreases by several times. The device is completely safe in operation as it has a low output power and antennas are located far away from people.

Mobile signal boosters has different output power and varying degrees of signal amplification. Signal Boosters which have high power degree and signal amplification are able to cover large distances on the ground. But these devices are quite demanding in terms of the rules of correct installation. They must be installed only by competent professionals taking into account the sampling area. Boosters have a working range of 900 MHz or 1800 MHz and on both indicators.
A device that have one type of range sometimes not capable to provide a signal to all working operators. This is due to the fact that there are operators who have covering of specific areas only in the same range. Range operator does not always coincide with the indicators of the booster. To determine the working range of the mobile operator it is necessary to make special measurements. Experts recommend using a Booster and antenna with two kinds of range to receive the signals from all existing operators.

Money Back Guarantee

In case of any technical problems with your mobile signal booster, please immediately contact us. The manufacturer gives a two year warranty on the products according to the requirements of the European Union.
The guarantee works as follows:

• The buyer must return the product to the seller in accordance with our terms of return policy;
• After receiving the goods, the seller checks for technical problems and sends a report along with the payment (exchange or refund the full amount, including shipping costs).
The guarantee does not extend to cases where:
• A problem does not subject to the specified conditions of the guarantee policy: for example the problem of physical damage and malfunction caused by improper installation;
• If the signal booster doesn’t have any deficiencies in operation or control system specified by the buyer;
• In the case where the client has no evidence that the warranty period of the goods has not expired.

Are Mobile Signal Boosters Safe?

Many buyers are worried about a very simple question regarding the safety of the mobile booster
and its effects on human health.

It seems surprising but the strengthening of cellular signal is directly related to the task of preserving health. Everyone knows that frequent or long conversations by mobile devices are harmful to the human body. This can lead to constant tiredness, insomnia, shattered nerves, periodic headaches, irritability, abnormal function of men and women genital organs and even to the cancer formation.

This is due to the fact that radiation having a frequency above 1 MHz is electromagnetic and heats the tissues in the human body. This effect is similar to work of the microwave oven. Of course it is not currently possible to give an accurate assessment of caused damage, but the negative effects can be very surprising.

Signal boosters are able to eliminate or reduce such damage severity. The idea is that the most powerful and accordingly dangerous radiation from the mobile device occurs at the moment of establishing a communication signal. So power of cell phone radiation depends on the quality of the received signal.

If the signal is low, the power increases and reaches 0.6-2 watts. With good signal is derated to 0.01 watts. Boosters have quite small output power, it reaches 0.1 W analogously ordinary stationary phones. In addition, the resulting power is distributed between several aerials in the far distance from talking on the phone user. This is all in the complex reduces the amount of radiation received by the subscriber in several times.

Phone signal booster installation will save your phone energy to establish communication with the operator station. It also helps to preserve charge of the mobile device battery and prolong its service life. At the same time output power will be reduced by almost 10 times.